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About me:

I, Maarten, am a shipping manager living in Antwerp, Belgium. I have a degree in Land, water en milieubeheer“1 and Shipping/Expedition“2.

I spend my time:

38,4% Sleeping
35,2% Working
06,2% Eating/preparing food
05,6% Creating “useful” things
03,5% On homework
03,0% Climbing stuff
02,7% Body weight training
02,2% Cycling to places I need to be
01,7% Running, dodging angry dogs
00,9% Jumping out of a plane
00,6% Walking around with a stupid look on my face

Facts about me:

I “exist” in two countries, Netherlands/Belgium.
I know nothing about movies nor movie quotes.
I can wiggle my ears.
I'm 6 feet 6 inches tall (197cm).
I get bored easily.
I hate “communication” or writing “about me” pages
I climb a 6A with a lot of difficulties.
Miss my friend, “fish” really bad.

I'd love to hear from you! Contact details

“1 Helicon, Velp
“2 Portilog, Antwerp

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