Stapel hout in mijn keuken

Sinds de aanschaf van mijn eerste mes om te gaan houtsnijden is een wandeling niet zomaar een wandeling een fietstocht is een “reconnaissance” en mijn rugzak ziet groen van het hout dat ik meezeul. Voor elk stuk hout in mijn appartement is er een concept, klaar om uit het hout gesneden te worden.

kunstwerk maskeert een stapel hout

Met dit kunstwerk hoop ik de stapel hout in mijn keuken te maskeren

Het voelt raar om zo enthousiast te zijn met een stuk hout. Hout heeft me altijd aangetrokken maar nog nooit ben ik gehecht geraakt aan een “stok”. Hopelijk verstikt mijn enthousiasme niet de wil om te blijven werken want de beloning van een nieuw werkstuk is fantastisch.

Kan iemand me nu vertellen waar deze “verslaving” vandaan komt? Is dit een verslaving naar de beloning die het oplevert of een verslaving naar het creëren? Ontnuchterend of zweverig?



4 thoughts on “Stapel hout in mijn keuken

  1. sunemoonsong

    I think people have addictions to all sorts of things. Mine is generally for tools. I love to get a new implement and find out what it can do.

    Have you ever used bleached out wood? Rather than starting with greenwood, sometimes near the water you can find this wood that is just laying there. It is so white because the sun has cured it. It is dry and will not split. I have picked up wood like this. Sometimes its called driftwood, or beechwood. No matter what kind it was before it is so much different afterwards

    1. Maarten-Jan Post author

      You’re able to read dutch or using google translate (just curious)?

      One question in the post is (not sure google knows how to translate): What part is addicting for so many people: The part of being creative and “create” Or is the reward of finalizing a project the addiction?

      So far I have been processing green wood exclusively. Unfortunately my access to other types of wood are limited. Its on my list but to be honest my list is extensive.

  2. sunemoonsong

    Unfortunately, I cannot read dutch and am using google translate (Thank goodness for that, it has changed the world so that i can communicate with other people around the world)

    Creating is the process which is also the reward. To create is to make something which didn’t exist before. (No offense is intended in what I will say next) – When you create something you are like a god. When you come together with your wife/husband and make a child, you have tremendous pleasure at the prospect of being a parent.

    To make something, to create something unleashes pride and wonder. You can point at your spoon and touch it. You can say “I made that” You also make positive energy, your confidence grows, you learn something. Maybe it is a new technique. Through your creation you have expanded your world just a little bit.

    Creation is a reward, but the process of creating is a great teacher, which is also rewarding. These are just my thoughts on the process.

    1. Maarten-Jan Post author

      Great to have followers in other languages that reply with inspiring words! I was on holiday last week (and a half) unfortunately did not have the opportunity to reply.

      Like the way you explain this feeling of creating. It is great to show people work and be able to tell my hands created this.

      Let us create and enjoy!


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